Trusted Seal of Integrity – About the Program:

The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) has partnered with Software Secure to develop the “Trusted Seal Program”, a process for evaluating and certifying the integrity practices of hybrid online courses and programs. The ultimate goal of the “Trusted Seal” is to provide a resource to the greater academic community by guiding instructors, course designers, and administrators in employing best practices for making cheating the exception and integrity the norm.

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Trusted Seal – Certifying Integrity Best Practices

The Trusted Seal is awarded to hybrid and online courses and programs once they have achieved a level of best integrity practices as evaluated by trained Peer Reviewers according to an ICAI-vetted rubric. This Seal can be displayed on course, program and institutional websites so that students and others know that integrity is a critical component to creating an environment that supports good teaching and learning. The Seal is valid for 3 years and faculty or institutions can apply for recertification to continue displaying the Trusted Seal.